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Mission, vision and values


Colegio Europeo Almazán is an independent school with no religious affiliation which educates pupils from the age of one until university entrance.   Its mission is to educate people who are free, respectful, responsible and capable of mapping out their own future, in a warm, positive and secure environment,   to provide a solid intellectual and academic preparation and to give them the necessary tools to get on well in a society which is becoming more and more global.


Colegio Europeo Almazán true to its tradition of innovation wishes to promote an educational project where high academic standards, an excellent level of English and the use of computers and new technology as well as the importance of education in values are the order of the day.  This can only be accomplished with strong links being forged between teachers, parents and other members of the school´s community and by providing a work environment which encourages personal and professional development.


1. A dynamic and innovative school whose aim is to be at the forefront of the newest teaching methods promoting the use of computers and technology in the classroom.



2. A school committed to implanting a system of quality control which will give rise to continual improvement and which is internationally recognized.

3. The development of the educational project which promotes the following values:

• Respect of all individuals regardless of race, gender, ideology or creed.
• Respect for one’s own body through a special programme dealing with the acquisition of   habits for a healthy life.
• Promote responsibility and tolerance.
• Instill the work ethos and intellectual curiosity.
• Make our pupils aware that they belong to a world which is becoming more and more global and demand respect and knowledge of other cultures as well as equipping  tour pupils with  the necessary skills to be able to communicate with them.
• Promote good manners  and social skills
• Instill respect for the schools premises and equipment.
• Develop self confidence in our pupils.

4. Projects are carried out to foster an awareness of existing inequalities in the world and the need for action to alleviate them.

5. Other projects and activities are undertaken so that all the members of the school´s community have a responsible attitude towards the protection of our environment.



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